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ngs there are▓ that always fill me with reverent awe: the s●tarry heavens above me and the moral consciousn▓ess within.The man whose hand I

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had just gras▓ped embodies the moral consciousness of● our century. FOOTNOTE: [15] Why

do I▓ seek the way so ardently, if not▓ that I might show it to my brothers T●HE END PREFACE As I sit in the broa▓d piazza, watching the closing of t●he day, I gaze into the vist▓as of moss-draped giant oaks.All is mystery, th●e mystery of nature, the mystery of ▓the ages.These oaks, still strong, ●still beautiful, have seen generations pas●s.Through their filmy vistas the god of the da▓y is sending his gleaming shafts▓ as he has always done. But brighte▓r to me than these l


ast rays is the pag▓eant of the Past, which sweeps before me now: ●scenes as intense as the flaming sky, inci●dents as tender as the fleecy cl▓ouds, years as dark and tragic ▓as that leaden storm-bank at t

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he ho▓rizon’s edge, but redeemed from utter despair● by a courage and a sacrifice equal

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in splendo▓r to its illumined summits. In my memory are▓ stored the beauty and patho

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s ▓of these years.Shall I let al●l this die without a word These pictu▓res I have treasured

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—so full ▓of beauty and color—shall I let them fade●, even as the sunset, into gray obliv▓ion I

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cannot bring before you a▓s clearly as I would the cha▓rm and glamour of the past, but I

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